2024 Futura Pro Sport

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Tandem Axle Silver

Synopsis and Story

The Futura Pro Sport lowering trailer has a 19’ 8” deck length perfect for your larger-sized track, exotics, luxury and classic cars. Coupled with our patented airline track and removable fenders, the Pro Sport is set up to safely secure your prized vehicle.

The lineup of Futura lowering trailers provides features and functionality that unlock a different kind of loading and unloading experience. The lightweight high-strength aluminum design allows easy towing by sport utility vehicles and light-duty trucks. With a 7,000lb G.V.W.R., the trailers can handle up to 5,678lb depending on the selected trailer model. When not loaded, the trailers are light enough to be easily movable by one or two people. Key features include wireless hand-held remotely operated lowering and raising, an integrated solar panel to passively charge the trailer battery when stored, quick-disconnect fenders to allow full opening of the doors for the loaded vehicle if needed, and airline track on all sides of the inner trailer bed to secure the load. The trailers may be customized to suit individual needs with available accessories including: an electric recovery winch to pull loads onto the trailer; a front rock-guard to protect the loaded vehicle; a spare tire and carrier; an integrated lockable tire rack for carrying track wheels; and the Futura tie-down system with wheels straps and ratchets.

All Futura Sport trailers (Club Sport, Super Sport, Pro Sport, Super Tourer, and Grand Tourer) combine innovative design and engineering to offer a simplified and enjoyable street or track trailer experience. Each trailer provides an approach angle of three (3) degrees or less without the need for ramps, spacers, or boards, making loading and unloading race cars or low clearance vehicles easier and safer. Solo loading a vehicle is simple and convenient. Power on the trailer control box and wireless remote, release the safety locks, lower the trailer, and drive on. Remotely raise the trailer, flip back the safety locks and the car is on-board. If preferred, the optional remotely controlled recovery winch can be used to pull the vehicle onto the trailer. Whether your car is driven or winched onto the trailer, know that with your Futura lowering trailer, ramps, boards, and their associated stress are a thing of the past.

Fastening and securing a vehicle to the trailer can be carried out using the available Futura tie-down system. The available wheel straps and ratchets hold the wheels to the airline track along the inside perimeter of the trailer to tie-down the vehicle. Futura’s X-shaped wheel strap design works in conjunction with the airline track and ring system to capture each wheel without touching the wheel’s rim. This ensures no scratches to expensive wheels. Additionally, the X-shaped wheel strap enables the user to access behind the wheel of exotic cars with very large wheels or race cars where wheel-to-fender lip clearance may be limited with these vehicles. Using the airline track system, ratchets can be positioned anywhere along the length of the trailer such that all ratchets and hooks are out of the way of vehicle’s wheels, tires, and chassis. And with the Futura open-deck models, an additional method for tie-down includes being able to directly hook a ratchet into one of the side cutouts on the trailer perimeter which can help when loading very wide vehicles.

Vehicle Details

ModelPro Sport
Vehicle StatusIn Stock
Axle ConfigurationTandem Axle
Body ColorSilver
Body StyleUtility Trailer


Raise and Lower

Loading a Vehicle

Recovery Winch

Vehicle Details

Open lowering aluminum trailer.

Stock# 40124FPS1EquippedOption
Tire Rack
Recovery Winch
Spare Tire Kit
Airline Track Rings4ea
Tie Down Set
Rock Guard
Weight Capacity5,534 lbs
Tare Weight1,466 lbs
G.V.W.R.7,000 lbs
Deck Width81"
Deck Length 19' 8"

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